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2010-07-27 20:01:50 by NejiRulez

im working on a collab again
-frm here on imma post atleast 1 neji animation evry yr lol sum may b tests
-still expirrementing so Zoro vs Kenshin is on pause

The Bleach Collab

2010-02-21 20:20:37 by NejiRulez

JOIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c.php?p=23172#23172

Hitsugaya vs Zoro NEWS!!!

2009-10-23 15:52:16 by NejiRulez

well i decided it wud b unfair for zoro 2 fight a imma make it Zoro vs Kenshin!!! ill post the preview wen i start lol


2009-02-23 17:19:47 by NejiRulez

im inna beat up sandbag collab

i hope i do good

wishe meh luk!

Toshiro(hitsugaya) vs Zoro-Q/A

2009-01-23 17:16:58 by NejiRulez

Q:y rn't u done yet?
A:bcus i joined a collab and b4 that i hit a creativity slump/bump. . .w/e
also bcus im editing it-tracing bitmaps an stuff 2 improve quality

Q:y do u have bad grammar?
A:bcus dum fawk! i aint writin a english report or anythin and its shorter